Since Nov 2012


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Quotes I love Tameka's class! Her choreography is always fun, fresh, and interesting; so it doesn't get boring and you don't notice how hard you are working out! She is full of joy and energizes the whole room. I always leave feeling great. Quotes

Quotes Absolutely love Tameka's class. She adds her own flare to the dances which makes them feel like fun dance rather than exercise. Very high energy and you can tell she is having fun which makes it that much better. She definitely has a following that I am now proudly a part of! Quotes
Jennifer McConnell
Apex LT/Cary class

Quotes Tameka is an awesome awesome awesome instructor!!!! Quotes
Keidra Harris

Quotes Tameka's classes are fabulous! High energy, good music, good choreography and never a dull moment. At 58 years old I have to adapt the routine a bit, but this is quite doable. Really a great class for all ages and fitness levels. Something for everyone! Quotes
Kim Deloatch
Love Tameka's classes

Quotes OK I feel my swimsuit body on the way after one work out! Wow! Fun great atmosphere nice friendly class Quotes
Durham Class

Quotes I feel and experience the energy, passion, and excitement for life and the betterment for total being/self. Zumba is known as being a party but I prefer to see Tameka's class as a celebration for the "new and healthier" me. Quotes

Quotes I luv Tameka's zumba style. I'll definitely attend again! Quotes

Quotes Tameka's class is high energy and so much fun. She's great. If you want a good workout, you need to come take a class! Quotes
Caroline Lin

Quotes As always,Tameka is the best at what she does! Quotes
Amaris Booth

Quotes Tameka's classes are great. They are a good combo of fun choreography and challenging (but not too challenging) cardio. I'm a regular! Tameka's a wonderful instructor Quotes
Wendy Gates