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Quotes Tameka's Zumba is awesome! No matter who you are, she can get you moving. 1 year ago I was obese & out of breath half way through the first song. Now I hang in there with the entire class- even during the special 90 minute sessions. I feel like a whole new me! Try it, you will see & feel the benefits too. Quotes
Debbi O
Desk job Grandma

Quotes Tameka is the real deal. As a dancer, I can appreciate her Zumba choreography. It is unique and I love it! Her energy is infectious and once you take her class, you can see that she loves teaching Zumba. Quotes
Leslye Plummer

Quotes I've been rocking with Tameka for several years and she is the #1 Zumba Instructor! Her energy is infectious, she's always smiling, and pumping us up. I come out of her classes dripping sweat and hitting over 8,000 steps per class on my Fitbit! I feel good and always come back for more. #dancetilyoudrop :) Quotes
Rahnesia Best

Quotes I absolutely love the class! I don't even feel like I'm working out, it just feels like an hour of fun times! Looking forward to the next class. Quotes

Quotes Growing up as a dancer (though you certainly do not have to be to thoroughly enjoy classes) , Tameka's classes have given me the opportunity to get back to the thing I love most in a low pressure, high energy environment. Classes keep me active and are wildly fun; and, of course, Tameka rocks! Quotes

Quotes Zumba with Tameka is the fun burst of energy I need to start off my week. I always get a workout and look forward to "droppin it" throughout the year! Quotes
Samira Brooks

Quotes Tameka's Zumba class is AMAZING. She incorporates Zumba steps from the beginners level to the most experienced Zumba dancer. Additionally, Tameka has some of the BEST Zumba choreography I've experienced to date. Her classes are intriguing, uplifting, motivating, challenging, and rewarding. Lastly, I love that she is mobile and holds her classes in various locations which makes this very convenient. You should experience her classes for yourself! -Durham/Cary Quotes
Stephanie N
Satisfied Zumba Customer

Quotes Recently started going to Zumba with Tameka and I absolutely LOVE it. Friendly crowd...GREAT teacher....High energy....what more could you ask for :) Quotes
S. Rorie
Awesome class! High Energy!

Quotes I have been doing Zumba for quite a while and I love it not just for the fact that I am Latin and love dancing but also because it really gets all the stress out of my body! Tameka is a great instructor and person, she really cares about you, I am very thankful I found her and hope to have her in my life for a loooong time! Quotes
Best Zumba Instructor and PT ever!!!

Quotes Tameka's classes are WONDERFUL. Her energy and vibe are a 10 and I am so happy to have found an instructor like her. Her classes are like a family and you feel so welcome. Quotes
Stephanie Parker
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