Since Nov 2012
Tameka Pettigrew


Tameka Pettigrew, experienced Group Fitness, Zumba and Hip Hop instructor invites you to move your body while getting fit. Fusing popular Latin rhythms such as merengue, salsa, cumbia with hip-hop, reggae, soca and calypso, Tameka's ZUMBA class is like no other!


People who get up everyday and say "this is my day to make a difference". A large part of life is about making a difference in the lives of others. I truly believe that it is my calling to make that difference. To impact the lives of men and women, through fitness and motivational speaking. 

If you are looking to be motivated, encouraged, changed; my class is a great start! 

I guarantee that you will have a great time! Even if you don't get all of the moves, I promise you will leave with a smile one your face and encouragement in your hearts. 

Make today the day you make a difference. This class has already changed so many lives for the better. Let it change yours today! 


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    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
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